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do you want new challenges in exciting new places?

You can play cricket as well as explore Lahore. Our tours are fun, exciting, and full of surprises. From the food to the activities, we make sure that you have an experience of a lifetime. 

Pakland Sports Tours

Pakland Cricket Academy is going to arrange sports tours in Lahore, Gujranwala, Peshawar Pakistan for students, who have interest to learn cricket, and are in search of best cricket academies in Pakistan to join. PakLand Academy is based in Lahore, Pakistan and has been providing professional coaching for the trainees during the past 4 years.

Now the academy will arrange sports tours throughout the year in Lahore. PakLand Cricket Academy believes that sports are an important part of life. It teaches young people the importance of working with others to achieve a common goal. Sports brings people of every race, culture and religion together and also teaches players how to respect the opposition.

Our Services


At Sports Tour you can play Cricket matches in a very good way. Cricket is one of the most popular games played all over the world. The use of cricket bats is growing day by day.

City Tour

We are passionate about the sport and understand the challenges that come with playing the game. We have arranged city tours too. You can find out all details about Lahore City tour and Travel to Lahore.

Hostel Accommodation

We have a hostel accommodation too. Hostels have become very popular nowadays. Those who are from different areas of Punjab and far from their homes can select this service

Traditional Lahori Food

At Sports tour we not only you can enjoy different types of sports activities but you can also enjoy the delicious Lahori food. Lahore’s culinary culture is quite famous for its traditional food.

Media Coverage

We are also offering media coverage of matches and providing other entertainment too. We have large number of services while you are on tour. .We promise you the best of the best.


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